ken ballard

1967 Barracuda Convertible

“When I was searching and shopping for a business to handle my dream car -Barracuda 67 restoration – I had several concerns and criteria. Those being- highest quality of work, proof of this and good business practices with a solid track record, someone that would baby my baby and listen to my requests, technical expertise, a shop that could handle everything (so the car wouldn’t be moving from place to place) – therefor easier quality control – in other words, metal, body work, paint, interior and engine design plus performance, as well as an understanding of style and look.
After searching for a month, getting some prices and doing reviews -there was only one that I felt could really do the work to the highest quality Plum Crazy Restorations, not the lowest price but I had seen enough horror stories from people who chose price over quality —so Plum Crazy was the ONE that met my above criteria and had answers to my concerns. They have a great track record of being in business for 10 plus years, all the expertise required on site and have provided me access to talk to anyone of their team members. The work thus far has been perfection, perhaps the best in North America, and they created a one of a kind paint colour that is well worth the investment. My friends and family who have been following the journey along with me are wowed…just like me! Plum Crazy gives you the confidence that everything will perform and look that exceeds any car enthusiast expectations.”


1981 Chevrolet Camaro

“I am back home in the Okanagan for Canada Day, another chance to drive the 1981 Camaro recently restored to its original state by the Plum Crazy team in Coquitlam. What a ride and as I reflect on the journey over the eight months it took all I can think is……wow. The car, at 35, was in good condition but showing its age and sagging like any 35 year old car. Face it, how many cars make it to 35. I started the process with Joe, who inspected the car and gave me some ideas of how they would approach the vehicle given its relatively good and seemingly rust free condition. Turning the keys over to Amman I was not sure what lay ahead, but picking up from Joe, he kept me informed, prepared the quotes and kept my enthusiasm high with observations and updates almost weekly. Each time a decision was required or we reached a fork in the road Amman gave me all of the options and an estimate, followed up with paperwork and some photos. Car restoration is not a low cost venture and I can see that like renovating anything, the sky is the limit. However the preservation value justifies the attention to every detail they gave the vehicle. As I drive around the lake on a sunny day, I appreciate the time they spent perfecting the car’s condition while leaving the original attributes intact. The techniques they had and ideas to enhance the vehicle were practical and thought through. When I think about Chevrolet pumping out one of these cars every hour while Joe, Amman and the team sweated out putting it back to day one condition over eight months I appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Plum Crazy team.  Thanks everyone.”


1966 Mercury Parklane Convertible

“I had a disc brake conversion front and back, complete engine overhaul and various other small mechanical restorations done on my 1966 Mercury Park lane. I was extremely pleased with the results. The engine performs and looks brand new. It pulls strong with more horse power and torque. It now has the correct type of brake system front to back to stop the car correctly. I have been driving the car daily through out this spell of nice weather and is performing beyond my expectations. Everyone at Plum Crazy has treated myself and the car in a professional manner and with respect. They truly enjoy working on cars and their passion is reflected in the finished product. I look forward to servicing my car with them next year for interior work and inspections on the drive line. I have no hesitation telling or referring others with 60′s performance cars or any classic car to have Plum Crazy inspect,repair or restore their vehicles. Thanks again to all the staff for the tour and getting my car back on the road.
Thanks again Grant Cheyne

Casimiro & (tony) giannubillo

1965 Mercury Comet Calliente

” Not having any dealings with Plum Crazy Restorations and finding them on the internet, i was not sure what to expect from them. But from the pre- inspection videos and discussions on what my car(tony) needed in order for it to be brought back to top shape i began to relax a bit about my car being in very good hands with Plum Crazy Restorations.

As work progressed they kept me in the information loop with constant emails with what was found and what needed to be happen before any more work was to continue, again being a first time classic car owner i did not know what was needed in order to restore a classic car to its glory days. In order for work to be done properly, patience is a virtue. Amman & Joe taught me that for good and proper work it takes time and at every corner there can be another challenge put in your face.

As time passed with the work on my car i was glad i stumbled upon Plum Crazy Restorations, they are in my estimation a complete TRUSTWORTHY & PROFESSIONAL business that speaks volume to people who work there and especially the dedication that Joe & Amman give to their customers.I totally endorse & would have no reservations with sending anyone with such a project to Plum Crazy Restorations.I consider Joe more than an owner of a business but two people who treat you with respect, and are upfront with anything that has to be done to your classic car. I consider them more than friends, they have become part of my family”


1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

” We had heard many great things about Plum Crazy and the work they had done. So we thought we would approach them about Jack’s car as his car hadn’t been running for many years. With the extreme amount of work that was needed and on a budget they agreed to take us on. So the journey started to bring the car back and keeping everything stock, well we learned a lot about the car and what was needed to repair, just about everything and scary at times! But they kept us informed and let us know everything is possible to repair and they were right. From the body to matching the paint it was all getting done, and with Joe doing his magic with the motor, let me tell you he really knows his stuff! This place and each of the team doing a great job! It’s more then a job to this bunch, they really care about what they do and they do it right.  Jack finally has his car and is so happy.

Thanks Plum Crazy for everything

Patty M.

Ian Chant

1968 Mustang 2 DR

“I have often heard companies say they will go the extra mile for you or that nothing is too much trouble but rarely have I seen actions that back up those promises as I did with Farheen and Joe at Plum Crazy Restorations.

Not only did they do a fantastic job with the restoration and repair of my 1968 Mustang but they literally worked through the night to ensure they met a very tight deadline. The car was due to be loaded onto a container ship at 9am September 9th 2011. Late on September 8th, Joe discovered a flaw in a major engine component which had been replaced during the engine re-conditioning. This defect, while not preventing the car from running, was not up to the standards required at Plum Crazy Restorations. Incredibly they not only found a replacement part late in the day but Joe personally worked until 3am and delivered the car to me in the early hours of the 9th. I was able to hand over the car to the shipping company a few hours later, on time and with the car running perfectly.

It would have been easy for Joe to say near enough is close enough but that is not the way of the team at Plum Crazy Restorations. Restoring and repairing classic motor vehicles is a passion to these guys and their professionalism and experience is evident in every facet of their business. If you care about your classic car or need any assistance at all, you will never regret meeting Farheen and Joe and the team at PCR in Coquitlam.”

Grant and Brenda

1970 Roadrunner

“They say that muscle car restoration is a labour of love, but we had no idea what that meant until we met Joe and Farheen along with their amazing staff. My wife and I now fully understand its meaning. During the restoration of our 1970 Roadrunner, Joe and Farheen have been amazing throughout. At no time have we ever felt any less than part of the Plum Crazy family. The transformation of our car is nothing less than amazing. I simply cannot recommend Plum Crazy Restorations enough to those looking to restore their classic cars. Money well spent, excellent customer service, classy all the way!”

Michael Williamson

1965 Mustang Coupe
Work Performed: Show Rotisserie Restoration

“My experience to date has been more than what i had expected. Not only have they been very helpful with the planning of the restoration of my Mustang, they have offered up suggestions that I hadnt’t even thought of. They have also been open to ideas, procedures and suppliers that i had researched out. Nothing better than to feel that it’s a team effort between their staff and me. Their two tiered estimate have also been right on, it’s always nice to know what it cost to take it up a notch or to continue on with the original plan. I would have no problems recommending this company to any one of my friends or family.”

Greg and Lisa Maximuk

1965 Mustang Coupe
Work Performed: Custom Rotisserie Resto

“I was looking for someone to complete the bodywork and paint on our 65 Mustang. I decided to drop into Plum Crazy REstorations and have a look around. After meeting owners, Joe and Farheen and their painter Kelvin, it was an easy decision. They worked out a budget and schedule that worked for us. We could not be happier with the work they have done and the friendship we have developed.”

Stuart Aldridge

1967 Buick Skylark
Work Performed: Custom Legendary Interior Install

“I am very happy with the work you did for me, and have got nothing but positive comments from anyone who has seen it including some other Buick fans I sent pictures to. I appreciate the care that you took in doing this work and your attention to details such as cleaning all the seat belts. I would not hesitate to recommend your shop to others or to have more work done on my own car in the future.”